Family Support

East Staffordshire Family Support Service     

Who are we?

East Staffordshire Family Support delivers Tier 2 family support, funded by Staffordshire County Council, for families across the East Staffordshire.

Our vision is to make Early Help available at the earliest point, improving children and young people’s life chances and reducing demand for specialist/crisis services.

We have an executive board of voluntary Trustees who oversee our organisation. Our Trustees have extensive knowledge and experience, enabling us to deliver an effective level of governance.

Ian North, our Chief Executive is responsible for the management of the charity and reports to our Trustee Board.

Kate Roberts is our Operations Manager and oversees the operational management of the organisation.

Jane Wall, our HR/Finance Manager is responsible for all of our HR and maintaining and reporting on financial budgets for the organisation.

Tina Jones is our Business Admin, and supports the day-to-day administrative duties of the organisation. She is also the first point of contact for any professional or family wishing to make a referral.

Our Family Support Workers offer home-based whole family support to families with children aged between 0-19 years of age. Our support includes a range of evidence-based practice and tools including Parenting Programmes, Outcome Star, Early Help Assessments etc. to ensure that we respond effectively to the needs and the demands of local families and sustain positive change.


Registered Charity Number of 1142555


Ian North – Chief Executive

Jane Wall – HR/Finance Manager

Tina Jones – Business Admin

Kate Roberts – Operations Manager

Tara Abdulla – Senior Business Administrator

Julie PopejoySenior Family Support Worker

Katie Anson – Family Support Worker

Paula Saunders – Family Support Worker


Yvonne Woolley – Family Support Worker

Mandy Clarke – Family Support Worker

Alison Manley – Family Support Worker

Laura Burd – Family Support Worker / Proactive and BookStart

Beth Lewis – Family Support Worker

Laura Hutton – Family Support Worker

Fiona Carruthers – Family Support Worker